Our Services:

♦     ERP Service

♦     Business Consulting

♦     SAP Implementation

♦     Data Migration Services

♦     End User Training

♦     Outsourcing

SAP ERP Service:

Best-Tech help appraise the ERP Solution to streamline and align the key business processes. Our extended services help to perform life cycle from SAP evaluation, implementation and deployment, upgrades and migration, to maintenance and support. ERP services are led by a strong team of consultants with extensive domain and technology experience. The team has a solid experience in consulting, implementation, upgrade and maintenance projects for global fortune customers.
Our ERP Solutions / Services areas are:

♦     SAP ERP

♦     SAP Business One

♦     Enterprise Integration

♦     Business Analysts

♦     Product Life cycle Management

Business Consulting:

As a technology consulting organization, best tech brings together technical leadership and domain expertise to help turn your business strategies into a real competitive advantage. And the team of highly qualified consultants helps you gain a competitive advantage by leveraging your IT resources and to manage the results of the project independently.Our professionals help you rapidly implement the right solution, identify improvement opportunities, analyze business problems, capture business requirements, add value to your existing systems and manage change so as to control risk and ensure your project is on time and on budget. Delivering this kind of value requires a broad range of talent and capabilities – across human capital, strategy & operation and technology – and importantly, aligned to the unique needs of specific sectors, businesses and organizations.

SAP Implementation:

Best Tech will implement integrated ERP systems helping the companies to improve their business performance, profitability and grow their revenues. Our template-based approach optimizes rollout duration and leverages our experience in multi-countries. The result – faster rollouts while maintaining standard business practices across geographies. With our current focus on delivering Add-on solutions on the SAP Business One platform, Best Tech provides customers and SAP partners with services designed to ensure the successful deployment in the optimum time frame and this helps create better ROI for our clients.
In other words, SAP Implementation helps to:

♦     Setup a Project Board

♦     Secure the resources

♦     Complete the GAP Analysis

♦     Have detailed Cut Over Plan

♦     Train the users

Data Migration Services:

SAP Data Migration services from SAP Consulting help you reduce implementation costs and avoid project delays. Combining proven expertise with the SAP Business Objects portfolio of solutions, our services help you analyze, extract, transform, cleanse, validate, upload, and reconcile legacy data in your SAP software environment. In addition to minimizing risk when going live, these services help you build a mature information infrastructure and establish data governance best practices for better decision making.This combination gives you the standardized framework, templates, proven methodology, tools and expertise you need to achieve success. These make it possible for you to analyze, extract, transform, cleanse, validate, upload, and reconcile legacy data in your SAP software environment.

End User Training:

Best Tech has a proven track record in providing professional training to IT consultants, test analysts and end users. Our end user enablement services drive optimum use of SAP systems and help end users to perform their work functions with a high degree of comfort. Our training replicates the real life situations that your end users will experience back on the job, providing the end users with the skills and tools they need to perform daily operations effectively. The training undertaken are:

♦     SAP testing tools training

♦     End user training and workshops

♦     SAP Enterprise Learning consulting

♦     SAP Productivity Pack consulting

♦     Change management

♦     Preparation of user manuals

♦     Training material for SAP projects

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